Pleinvrees Festival is back on 2 September

Our festival is back! The finishing touch to your summer season. Giving it your all one last time. Dancing, eating, drinking, smiling, tanning, chilling, climaxing. For you, and with you!

We’re thrilled to announce that the gorgeous natural site of Het Twiske, Amsterdam-Noord’s lush backyard, is our new stomping ground! 


All donations will go out to the maintainance of the beautiful nature and recreational facilities of Het Twiske.


Five stages including Gardens of Babylon and Katermukke, showcasing a motley mix of melodies, vibes, rhythms, grooves, highlights and closeouts. 

Check out the full program and stages here!



Pleinvrees Festival 2017 loves international guests! Our partner Festicket will be offering a diverse range of festival accommodation through this website soon. So don’t even think about that same day return ;)

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Pleinvrees’s new home: Het Twiske

We’re moving to Het Twiske! In our humble opinion, Amsterdam-Noord’s lush backyard is the dreamiest festival location in the whole of Amsterdam.

Rolling green hills, endless rows of trees to hug, hidden corners to retreat to, bushes to make out in and rabbit droppings to chill on. All of which is great, because creatures like us belong in the wild.

Visit the Pleinvrees village!

Welcome to our latest installment, the Pleinvrees village. The beating heart of the festival will have you splurging on good food, dancing to live music and laughing at absurd theatre performances. Tune in to that famously relaxed Pleinvrees-vibe and get ready to connect with your Pleinvrees family…

We’re always on the lookout for new initiatives and creative companies that can bring even more fun, diversity and madness to our little village.

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