Pleinvrees Festival is cancelled

Dear friends,

We've got some bad news. Pleinvrees Festival has been cancelled. With the weather predictions as they are, and after consulting with local authorities, event safety services and weather monitoring agency Meteo Consult, we can not guarantee the safety of our visitors.

We are devastated that after months of preperations we are forced to make this decision. Despite all the extra precautions there is nothing we can do to prepare the festival terrain for the wind speeds that are predicted for Saturday at the NDSM wharf. Below you can find more information about the decision.

  • In the week prior to the festival and while festival preperations were in full swing, we regularly received weather updates from professional weather monitoring agency Meteo Consult. It goes without saying that we always anticipate several different bad-weather scenarios.
  • Our festival terrain (tents, stages, sound systems etc.) are safe up to certain weather conditions. The expected constant strong wind and extreme gusts of winds up to wind force 9 exceeded the critical limits.
  • These limits are a result of the maximum capacity set by the suppliers of all infrastructure on the terrain like tents, podiums and sound systems.

With the weather forecast as it is, we cannot and are not allowed to guarantee the safety of our visitors and our crew.

We are absolutely heartbroken and can imagine you guys are too. We hope you understand this difficult decision we had to make and respect that we do not want to take any risks with your safety.

We will make sure everyone with a ticket for Pleinvrees Festival gets a refund. We will provide you with more information about this process by Friday June 14th at the latest. Different procedures for tickets bought through Ticketswap and other 3rd parties will be taken into account.

If you have any questions concerning this message, you can contact us at

🧡 Pleinvrees crew

Pleinvrees by Night is still on!